(Conversations in, and around and about Faith)

Each Tuesday, year round, we meet

downstairs in the Church at 10 am

where lively discussion ensues surrounding

scripture for the upcoming Sunday service.

Other topics may also be discussed. Potluck follows

October to June. Everyone is  invited to attend. 

Tuesday Crafts

We begin with a potluck lunch, then move on
to a variety of crafts including painting, sculpting,
sewing, etc. There's a project for everyone.  
Children are welcome.

Come and join the fun & fellowship.

12 - 4 pm every Tuesday at Goodwood United Church.

The KnitWits

This handiwork group meets Wednesdays at 10 am 

in Shirley Baster's home.

The focus of this ministry is to provide prayer shawls for those experiencing difficult times.  We have also created dolls for a medical mission that goes to Ghana. We work on our own projects, as well.

                                                   Contact (905)985-2314

"Properly practised, knitting soothes the troubled spirit and it doesn't hurt the untroubled spirit either."  
​                                                   - Elizabeth Zimmermann

​​The Book Club

This activity will be revisited at a later date and further information will be posted.

But you are invited to borrow soft and hard-cover books from our lending library shelves when the church is open.